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Our Eggs Page

Our farm eggs just taste better. Once you try our Happy Flappy eggs, store-bought eggs never taste the same. Our egg yolks are orange (rather than yellow), the taste is heartier, and they are better for you and your family. The eggs come in a variety of colors, carefully laid by our very happy chickens.

Eggs from grocery stores often come from chickens who live a wretched life inside a one foot living area. Their beaks are cut to keep them from pecking one another inside such close living quarters. They are regularly fed antibiotics to fight disease and increase their growth. These grocery store chickens have living areas which are unclean to the point that the keepers must often wear gas masks to avoid getting sick. These chickens are unhappy, and taste of their eggs emphasizes that.

Our chickens are fed only grains and the worms, grubs, and plants that they find in our huge chicken runs. By not feeding them antibiotics, we allow our chickens to grow at their own pace, and our flocks rarely get sick. Our chickens have plenty of space to thrive and they show it with their 'chicken drama' every day. Simply put, happy chickens produce better eggs.

Ask yourself this question ... would you rather buy eggs from large scale chicken prisons, or would you rather support the ethical treatment of chickens by buying Happy Flappy Farm chicken eggs? Our eggs taste better, are priced right, and come from happy chickens.

But please don't take our word for it. Buy a dozen and taste the difference for yourself. Once you try our eggs, grocery store eggs will no longer satisfy your egg needs.

Our Egg Prices...
Small Dozen: $3.00
Medium Dozen: $3.50
Large Dozen: $4.00
X-Large Dozen: $4.50

We have a large (and growing) customer base, but we would love to become your egg provider too. We sell eggs on a first-come, first-serve basis. How many dozen eggs we can sell you depends on our current stock. Calling, texting, or emailing in advance will enable us to provide for your egg needs.

Thank You from Happy Flappy Farm!
Bill and Kamilla Nelson
256-585-seven two seven seven