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Adopt-A-Bird Page

Welcome to the Happy Flappy Farm Adopt-A-Bird Page. Adopting one of our birds is a great way to support the farm by helping us fund projects, buy the best crops and grains for our birds, and expand and improve their play area. Our birds are very happy, and we thank you so much for helping us to provide that for them.

With your adoption package, you receive the following ...
  • You get to name your bird
  • You receive an official Adopt-A-Bird certificate with you and your bird's name
  • You receive a "signed photo" of your bird
  • You get to post your favorite website address as an Adopt-A-Bird contributer
  • Your one-time adoption contribution lasts throughout your bird's lifetime
  • You get the satisfaction of helping Happy Flappy Farm complete a Happy Bird project.

    CURRENT PROJECT: Movable Happy Flappy chicken house with accompanying chicken run. Please CLICK HERE to open some project pictures into a new browser window.

    Below is a list of Bird's that are seeking adoption. You can pick the bird that you want to adopt by clicking that bird's picture. You will then be directed to a page that will have you name your bird and provide some basic information about yourself to post on the website. Finally, you will be directed to the contribution page where you can send your contribution via Paypal (internet payment processor). If you do not prefer to use a payment processor, we will be happy to accept cash or a personal check.

    This watchful bird loves to spy for worms and grubs. She dreams of being a bug scientist (Entomologist) and working for the EPA.

    Currently apprenticing as Second Egg Counter, this silver-tailed hen dreams of being a Contracting Officer for NASA.

    Mottled like tye-dye, this first year hen enjoys crafts and helping Farmer Kamilla come up with new color schemes for the farm yard. What fun!

    A Barrel racing wanna-be, girlfriend loves to hang out at the Sheriff’s rodeo and compare all the hats. Yahoo!

    This introverted champion egg layer in interested in figuring out how things work. She dreams of going to UAH to become a mechanical engineer.

    This champion egg layer has a sturdy build and an agreeable temperment. She works hard in the nest and the chicken runs.


    As if wearing a red hood this popular gal is a proud digger and hardy forager. She is so excited about the expansion of the new run and covered chicken bridge!

    She dreams of becoming an Ophthalmologist and helping all her flock to improve their vision.

    This delightful hen has been studying to audition for the upcoming Fantasy Playhouse version of Chicken Little. Her dream is to play the lead role in a Broadway production of The Little Red Hen. Smashing!

    Notoriously broody, this sweet girl longs to hatch chicks of her own. Someday soon, I promise!!

    A red darling with some black tipped feathers on her neck and tail. She is currently working on preparing our new garden beds and loves to dream about what veggies to plant.

    Unlike most of the flock this hen is ready to settle in and just be happy and flappy. :)

    This elegant hen likes to dig for grubs and worms. She pretends that the grubs are from outer space as she dreams of one day becoming an astronaut.

    A good chicken at heart, this red-gold hen loves a good dig and dust bath. She excels at finding earth worms and grubs and encouraging others.

    The Eyes have it! She is strikingly speckled with gold on her black body

    Reading the paper for her horoscope, this golden hen loves watch the stars and wonder if her future is written up there. Silly chick!


    Below is a list of our birds that have already been adopted. Please consider visiting a website or two belonging to our adopting patrons.

    One of our bravest and most motherly of our hens, this part Polish golden lovey is spunky and daring. She raised at least 3 batches of chicks last year and loves the idea of settling on a nest for this years duty of hatching the next generation. Her grandmother was a Golden polish and she proudly carries the Polish hat as a mark of her heritage.
    Adopted by Kamilla Nelson

    This ambitious go getter often requests an ice skating rink to be added to the back yard. She dreams of being the first ever pro hockey chicken, and wants to play the forward position for the Boston Bruins. Now, how do we make ice skates to fit those feet?
    "Wayne Gretzky"
    Adopted by Collin Lee

    This golden bundle of joy is sweet and docile, generally agreeing with the other chickens while clucking contentedly.
    "Lori's Lou Lou"
    Adopted by Lori McAulliffe

    This beautiful brown sweetheart has quite the appetite. She spends her free time digging for grubs and laying hearty eggs.
    Adopted by Andrea Black

    As a young hen and duchess of the flock, this platinum gold sweetie is gentle and majestic. She is shy and somewhat retiring but poised to shine in her chosen career. She dreams of becoming a great gardener and taking over the management of the farms fruit crops.
    Adopted by Annelise batts

    This tall red and gold layer has a winning personality and a charmed life to go with it. She loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
    Adopted by Stan Diglis

    This feisty, golden, chicken with a sturdy build is always ready to run around in the sun.
    "Frau Huhn"
    Adopted by Frederik List

    She is a white chinese goose with elegant form and graceful movement. She lays dozens of eggs in the spring and we have hatched many of her goslings.
    Adopted by Hank Lee

    Miss Elvira is a Black Star hen with an air of mystery and a love for campy horror movies.
    "Miss Elvira"
    Adopted by Newton Family Cats

    This shy and reserved golden-blond darling is one of the sweetest hens of the flock. She is consistent in laying her one brown egg a day and diligently working on making a red scarf for Big Daddy. What a gal!
    Adopted by Mathilde List

    Joe's chicken is an unusual (for our flock) black laced golden hen with a pea comb who is in her first year. She is bold and friendly and docile when picked up. She will be a brown egg layer and productive member of the flock!
    Adopted by Joe Nelson

    Luke's chicken is a white feather-legged rooster with gray skin and a short bright red comb. He is a proud leader of the flock and has a funny gait when he runs.
    Adopted by Luke Nelson

    This Proud Gentleman Gander of the Goose flock is of Chinese decent and regal bearing. He is boisterous and bold in protecting his flock and always on the look out for hawks and other unwelcome visitors. He has sired many geese and plans on siring many more.
    Adopted by Mill Creek Elementary kids

    She has a mind sharper than her beak, and she has always been interested in mastering the game of chess. Her favorite chess piece is the rook.
    Adopted by Stan Diglis

    As typical of a red-head, this saucy damsel loves to cackle and cluck at anything and everything from the outrageous to the mundane. Always the life of the party no gathering is complete without her!
    "Brens Hen"
    Adopted by Brenda Gary

    In his second year of overseeing the chicken yard, this proud rooster has been the king of the chicken yard for 4 decades (in chicken years). He has become comfortable with his position enough to begin delegating some rooster duties to Bob and Larry.
    "Big Daddy"
    Adopted by Bill Nelson

    This golden girl is a majestic hen who loves reading and writing poetry when she is not busy laying eggs and scratching.
    Adopted by Anne Bertone

    This jet black beauty enjoys watching horses next door and taunting Geese whenever possible. A very spirited bird with little understanding of her size limitations!
    "Big Bird"
    Adopted by Liam Nelson

    This black and brown princess knows who she is and what she likes. She contentedly clucks as the other ladies cackle. Her favorite pastime is canoeing.
    "Darth Vader"
    Adopted by Gabriel Batts