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Welcome to Happy Flappy Farm. We are a chemical-free poultry farm whose goals are to connect people to their food and to demonstrate sustainable agriculture. We are building educational programs and hands-on workshops to empower people to grow their own food. The ultimate goal of this farm is to be self-sustaining in regards to food for the animals. The attainment of that goal begins with providing vegetation and protein for the poultry and goats. The less we need to purchase supplies off the farm the closer we get to achieving self-sustainment.

Another goal is to find ways to exemplify sustainable agriculture, integrating the animals and the produce by working with their natural tendencies to the benefit of both. The first way that comes to mind is using the chickens to 'till' the areas before we plant, to eat the insect pests, and as the cleanup crew after the crop is spent. Chickens love doing this and it is so exciting to see them finding tasty morsels as they go, many of which would have snacked on our crops or sprouted as weeds.

Please email us (using the Contact Us button) if you live in the area and would like to find out more information about the farm or participate in one of our programs. Starting in March or April 2017 we will have farm hours each Saturday to sell fresh eggs and any produce we have available. Email us for our address! Thank you for visiting the website.